WhiteLife Photography Project


Have you ever thought about taking a safari? See completely wild and incredible animals that you have never seen with your own eyes before? But you don’t want to spend the cost of travel and hotels? Don’t you want to spend endless hours at international airports? Don’t you want to be punctured to vaccinate against strange diseases?


Can you imagine taking an incredible safari at 5 minutes from your house? Well, that is possible!


Local biodiversity contains a varied and fantastic wildlife in miniature and, by the way, much more unknown than those you can see in traditional safaris. Certainly you will not be able to see lions or rhinos, but instead you will see ant-lions and beetle-rhinos, for example, and their biology is so complex or more. You will not see orchids hanging on the branches of tall trees, but if you look at the ground, you will find them even on the side of the road. Indeed, the creatures we can find on the way to work, school, in our garden or flowerpot, are usually tiny but of such diversity that it sure exceeds all your expectations.

Try it. Approach a tree or look under the stones. You will discover dozens of little animals that until then had gone unnoticed. Observe your nearest garden or park. Did you notice the diversity of creatures that run on the ground or balance on plants? Find their name, their habits, etc. and you will discover a wonderful new world. May be you'll even discover some new creature for science! We really know very little about the biodiversity that lives close to us, in our home, in our garden, in city parks... think of the place you want.






There are more and more international projects whose objective is to make the population aware of the importance of the study and knowledge of the biodiversity that lives next to us: yourwildlife.org, schoolofants.org, MeetYourNeighbours.net… We want to contribute in some way to achieve that goal and that’s why we have created WhiteLife Photography.


WhiteLife Photography is a photographic project of conservation and awareness of the biodiversity that surrounds us, in an extraordinarily didactic and respectful way with the environment following the same guidelines as the international project MeetYourNeightbours.net with which we collaborate.








The project aims reconnect people with wildlife, discovering the creatures that are closest to them. This is to promote interest in the wildlife that surrounds us, right where he lives, observe it, photograph it and learn more about it.


The photos that use white background techniques have an unmistakable appearance: the background completely white to avoid any distraction and the subjects without shadows to highlight them and discover their translucent parts. This technique allows us to discover details of the animals and plants that until then were hidden from our eyes, thus renewing interest in the subjects photographed.


At first glance one can think that the images have been made in a photography studio, but one of the main characteristics is that photography must be done "in situ", in the field, in the garden, wherever the subject is found, thus ensuring that animals are not stressed or plants are not broken.










We hope and wish that you like the photographs that you can see on this website and that encourage you to discover, know and love the biodiversity that surrounds you. Any person or entity interested in the project and in obtaining this type of photography, can contact us.

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