Luís Alberto Domínguez

 Since I can remember, from my mountain excursions, I always carried a camera in my backpack; my friends didn’t understand why I never took photos of them and I only was worried about what was on the floor. Photograph what others don’t see and what goes unnoticed by others has always caught my attention. I need show it and share it, trying to become aware of his presence. 

Miquel Àngel Gual

I had my first SLR camera at the end of the 80s, introducing myself to the world of photography as an amateur. Since the 90s I participate in studies and works of biodiversity. I became passionate about the audiovisual world, to which I ended up dedicating myself professionally. My passion for nature is what has encouraged me to photograph birds, flora and fauna of our islands using various techniques. Member of the Society of Natural History of the Balearic Islands and of the Balearic Speleological Society.

Joan Marquès Faner

As a child I liked to catch geckos and lizards, locate their eggs among the rocks and see how they were born; dive in any corner of Menorca looking for octopus, moray eels, cuttlefish, crabs or any type of fish; build ponds to see how the birds came to drink. At the same time nature photographs that I could observe first in nature magazines and then on the Internet fascinated me. With the advent of digital photography, I decided that I would also be a nature photographer and raise awareness about the need to conserve our wonderful natural environment. And that's why I'm also a member of AEFONA, AFONIB and the SHNB.

Alfonso Lario

Photographer for more than 30 years, he has focused on nature issues. To his early naturalistic vocation we must add his studies and work as an Ornithologist and bird scientific. To all this work of observation and study of nature has joined his training and experience as a professor of Natural Sciences and Environmental Education. All this has allowed its fieldwork to have a clear reflection in the dissemination and awareness for the conservation of nature. His images with their own style have been recognized in several exhibitions and competitions of international renown. He is currently the coordinator of the Ethics and Conservation Commission of AEFONA and is an active part of the international project “Meet Your Neighbors”.



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